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Super (Not) Ads


Lately I have been underwhelmed by the Super Bowl ads and this year was no different, other than two I thought were worth watching. And I started to feel this way when the ads began to launch actually pre-Super Bowl. … Read More>>

Talking Strategic Marketing with Bert Martinez


Jennifer LoBianco offers strategic guidance on effectively marketing your business in an interview with Bert Martinez.  The interview took place on BlogTalkRadio. The interview covers both online and offline marketing strategies. Click the LISTEN button below to play the audio. … Read More>>

A Slick Sports Sponsorship


I visited Lake Placid, NY for the first time last month and it was an amazing experience. The place where the famous 1980 Olympics occurred and my first real Olympic memories watching the hockey team and Eric Heiden with my … Read More>>

Getting There: Jennifer LoBianco, Partner/CSO at 8fold LLC


Name: Jennifer LoBianco Age: 42 Title: Partner/CSO at 8fold LLC One sentence description of your work/job: I am a marketing strategist, or I like to say in other words, a strategic pragmatist. Education: BA in English, BS in Pre-Law, MBA … Read More>>

Test Prep Money…Well Spent?


In this media saturated culture we live in, we are constantly bombarded by news, data, studies and so on. As parents, we key in on the information regarding children. We are told what we should or shouldn’t be doing to … Read More>>