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8fold Creates Video Response to Proposed Dove Ad Campaign


Those of us from NJ have heard the Armpit of America comment before and you can understand why it made me cringe last week even if Dove didn’t mean any harm with their expected, then pulled, ad campaign. So two … Read More>>

8fold Explains Marketing to Moms in New Jersey Business Magazine


Marketing to Moms With Social Media Short on time, but quick to refer great deals, learn how to grab a mother’s attention online. If you’re a small business looking to reach the time-crunched, always-on-the-go group of women know as moms, … Read More>>

OffTheSled Catching News Buzz


MORRISTOWN, N.J., Feb. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Founders of strategic marketing agency 8fold, Jennifer LoBianco and Brad Leszczynski, who are athletes and avid fans of anything sports related, have just launched Off The Sled, a website that provides a unique … Read More>>

8fold Interview for Hip New Jersey


Everyday is filled with endless opportunities and possibilities. There is always something new popping up in the world around us, and there is always another company opening its doors with the hope of a bountiful future. 8Fold Integrated Creative Works … Read More>>

8fold Is Helping Bring Olympic Fans Closer To Athletes


We really like marketing but we love sports at 8fold. We are made up of athletes by nature and have grown our business with the principles of teamwork, good sportsmanship and practice makes perfect. So it’s not surprising that we … Read More>>