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New Year’s Resolution Number One, Learn More About Twitter


Surely you have many New Year’s resolutions, but instead of committing yourself to eat more organic and dust off your running sneakers (yet again this year), perhaps number one should be to learn more about social media to help grow … Read More>>

Two brands diverged in a wood


Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” is often misinterpreted. I remember in high school reading it and becoming fond of the meaning I thought it had which was about traveling down the road less traveled with a sense of independence … Read More>>

Mother knows best… even about Marketing.


Moms have always helped us gauge what’s best, right from wrong, good from bad, fair from dishonest. From knowing when it’s too cold to leave the coat at home, how to hold your pencil properly, table manners, making proper eye … Read More>>

Marketing starts with Thinking, Not Creating


A former high school coach of mine used to say, “when you think you stink”, meaning, sometimes when you wait and overthink a pass, a play, the opponent catches on and it’s too late, ergo, when you think, you stink. … Read More>>

Why do you need an outside marketing resource with a diverse background?


NOT because we believe you don’t have great in-house talent or your CEO doesn’t have vision….BUT…we have 10 reasons you will want to talk with us. We didn’t change our focus from strategic marketers to “social media engagement specialist heroes” … Read More>>

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