Super (Not) Ads

Lately I have been underwhelmed by the Super Bowl ads and this year was no different, other than two I thought were worth watching. And I started to feel this way when the ads began to launch actually pre-Super Bowl. I used to wait anxiously, but what’s the point now? I really don’t get spending millions of dollars on an ad for the big game if you are going to show it to me beforehand anyway, you might as well then just spend the money on spreading it virally or through PR.

Here are my two favorite ads:

1. Chrysler & Bob Dylan – I like that a car commercial didn’t just include a car driving fast on an open rode, that gets so tiresome and you really can’t tell any car make from another sometimes as they whiz by. But this ad had feeling, meaning, it made me proud to be American. The best line of the ad, “So let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make our watch, let Asia assemble your phone. WE will build your car.” WOW! Now that’s putting some muscle behind the message, without being too cocky, it’s strong, it shows the people behind the brand, he country behind the industry. And I am no big Dylan fan, but his grittiness was the perfect fit, he played the part well.

2. Bud Light & Arnold Schwarzenegger– Let’s begin by saying that Arnold in tiny shorts with long hair and a headband is just plain funny. But I really liked the reality show type plot and I believed the main character was really not in on the ad. It was over the top with the actor placement, while the unsuspecting Ian was along for a wild ride. The climax of course was when he got to play Arnold in “tiny tennis” and beat him. Although I probably still won’t drink Bud Light, I did like the ad.

I  CAN’t wait til next year!