OffTheSled Supporting Team USA

  • 8fold OffTheSled ProBono Brand Identity for USA Bobsled & Skeleton
  • 8fold OffTheSled ProBono Website Development for USA Bobsled & Skeleton
  • 8fold OffTheSled ProBono Social Media Integration for USA Bobsled & Skeleton
  • 8fold OffTheSled ProBono Print Advertising Design for USA Bobsled & Skeleton

We really like marketing but we love sports at 8fold. We are made up of athletes by nature and have grown our business with the principles of teamwork, good sportsmanship and practice makes perfect.

So it’s not surprising that we really get into the Olympic spirit every 2 years. But perhaps a bit more surprising is that we have grown fond of a not so mainstream sport like bobsled and skeleton. After a trip to Lake Placid in December we grew to appreciate the athletes, the sport, the time, effort, sacrifice and dedication it takes to participate in two sports that aren’t well known but include the same amount of drive and determination as any other, especially to participate in the Olympics.

We decided to combine our love of sports with our marketing acumen and created a website dedicated to these athletes and their time Off the Sled.

8fold wins AVA Award