Mother knows best… even about Marketing.

Moms have always helped us gauge what’s best, right from wrong, good from bad, fair from dishonest. From knowing when it’s too cold to leave the coat at home, how to hold your pencil properly, table manners, making proper eye contact and the good ole’ chicken soup remedy, Moms have been giving advice forever. Whether we’ve taken that advice or not is another story.

As a Mom now I know that one thing is for sure, my Mom was the Mom of all Moms growing up and still is, she worked out of the home, cooked, cleaned, cared for me and my siblings; she was the original multi-tasker before us businesswomen of today were called Mompreneurs and balancing extraordinaires, my Mom just did it with no fancy title. She didn’t plan to “lean-in” or “climb the ladder” she just did it.

Today, Moms are juggling even more, and some have found unique ways to use their Mom-expertise to have very fruitful careers. One such way is in the Mom Blogger arena, or as I learned at a conference I attended, bloggers who happen to be Moms, not Mom Bloggers, I stand corrected. So these bloggers sit on the Board of huge companies, are tapped into for their input on what Moms want and need. Some have exclusive relationships with big packaged goods companies, receive products to review on a regular basis or even go around the country to review travel destinations.

Many of these Moms started blogging as a way to keep connected to the outside world after they left the workforce to care for their children. And what happened next was companies took notice of their influence and turned them into part of their marketing strategy.

At 8fold we have had the privilege of working with some of these bloggers and have been able to provide value to our clients through their smart, witty and resourceful ways at working with brands to help leverage their audience to help market ours.

Click on the two recent case studies shown below that prove the power of these bloggers…oh and just for the record, they can still cook a mean chicken soup too!

8fold Mom Blogger Campaign for NY Red Bulls8fold Mom Blogger Initiative to Get New Customers for Online Education Service