Why do you need an outside marketing resource with a diverse background?

NOT because we believe you don’t have great in-house talent or your CEO doesn’t have vision….BUT…we have 10 reasons you will want to talk with us.

  1. We didn’t change our focus from strategic marketers to “social media engagement specialist heroes” – while the trends don’t lie, we know that some things never change and every client needs a strategic partner, one who will guide them and of course execute and kick creative butt, but it all starts with brand strategy, not tactical outlets.
  2. We aren’t bandwagon jumpers – while there is a place for new media strategies, we’ve been around the block and began our careers in traditional marketing, so we know not to leave one stone unturned and to consider everything, not just a new fad.
  3. Having an external resource like 8fold is key to your success – we are learning new things everyday about both traditional, digital, mobile, social, crowd funding because it’s our job to do this while your team may not have the time to do so.
  4. If you are the CEO, you shouldn’t be driving marketing decisions – you should have an experienced team that understands operations, sales AND how marketing fits into the puzzle, not just designers making pretty pictures to work with your team and make recommendations that are easy for you to say yes to.
  5. Hiring a marketing firm like us doesn’t have to break the bank – while it makes most sense to have someone on board long-term to help plan, execute and measure results, some companies may just need strategic guidance and planning and keep execution internal.
  6. Having a third-party like 8fold talk to your existing customers – this will definitely uncover findings that you haven’t already heard and takes the “anecdotal” to impartiality and statistically significant.
  7. We are working daily with diverse clients – our background doesn’t just include one industry, but many and cross-pollinated ideas are nice surprises, who wants to work with an agency that just focuses on one industry all day and is single minded.
  8. We aren’t going to insist you change your logo, colors, name – we focus on what the brand needs to get to the next level and who are we to tell a fifty year old company they need a logo update if it’s not critical for growth.
  9. We don’t have a bookcase full of awards – because we don’t enter many contests, we are busy doing other things, but of course if you want awards, we will get you some!
  10. We’ve been doing marketing for over 20 years – our parents still don’t understand what we do, so we need constant justification and we are always looking for new friends!