Yes, I’m a woman…yes, I can buy a BBQ!

I consider myself a knowledgeable, educated consumer. I have been shopping for a household of 5 for almost 30 years now. I have purchased everything from diapers to cars, it still amazes me that some salesmen view women as incapable and unsure. Why?  All because I wear a bra and makeup?

We were in need of a new BBQ grill, so off I went. After shopping around at many places, I found myself at a rather well known appliance store. I walked by about 5 salesmen and located the grills, I found one I liked and gestured to a salesman. He approached,  he could not have been more than 25…I probably have a bbq utensil older than him. I pointed out the grill I wanted to purchase, he gave a funny look and said, “Are you sure you need a grill that large?” I very politely responded, “Yes, I would also like it assembled.” He then went on to inform me, how difficult that grill would be to assemble. I chuckled and responded, “OK, what does that mean?” He said, “Oh, nothing I just wanted you to know.”  There was one last thing we needed to cover, delivery, this is when my head almost exploded! I told him my husband would be picking it up, that I would not need it delivered. He scrunched his face and said “Ma’am, that is a very large grill, do you know what kind of car your husband drives?” I very sarcastically responded, “Gee, I think so….maybe I should call him…NOT!”  Since the salesman was very young,  I cut him some slack. However; he just didn’t get it. He proceeded to measure the size of the grill and he hoped my husband’s truck was big enough! I finally said, “Buddy, I’m sure it will fit, would you please just ring me up?”

It is the year 2013, for all of the progress we have made as women, it’s still not easy buying appliances!