Are you ready for your kids to start driving?

Your child driving, it is one of the scariest things YOU will ever experience as a parent. Our parental instincts tell us to guide and protect them from the moment they are born. They hit the age of 16 and that all goes out the window.  A driver’s license is indeed a right of passage, one very big step towards their independence. Oh boy, get ready…you thought you didn’t get sleep when they were infants, those sleepless nights are back.

FYI, these are not the roads and highways we learn to drive on. Today’s roads are full of too many cars and trucks, and way too many reckless and distracted drivers. It is a mass of rude and self absorbed drivers, who cannot see beyond their own vehicle. Nevertheless, we send our teenagers off into the world of driving.

All three of my children are drivers, trust is a key component. Do I trust they won’t speed, or have too many passengers? Do I trust they won’t use their cell phone or text their friends? Do I trust they won’t drink or do drugs and then get behind the wheel?  I cannot say for certain, there are no guarantees. I can only say I have given them the knowledge and the skill to be safe courteous drivers.  At the end of the day,  all I really have is my faith, hope and that trust they will make the right choices. Crossing my fingers!