No Product, No Problem

How many times have we heard the expression… less is more? In the advertising world it sometimes seems like more is not enough. Companies try to justify the over abundance of content placed in ads, billboards, etc. because of the amount of money being spent on the media. They want to make sure the consumer leaves with little or no questions about there product or service. Seems logical…right? The problem is that it’s just to much information for a consumer to digest in the short time spent interacting with the ad. Ultimately, your audience feels overwhelmed and will move past your ad leaving you out of their consideration set.

Here is what I tell my clients…

1. Focus on a key differentiating factor about your product or service. We want to captures the consumers interest and drive them to action. You and your sales team can sell your product better than ink on a page. We want to entice the viewer enough to get them to call YOU.

2. Step out of your comfort zone. We don’t necessarily need the glam shot of your product front and center. Highlighting features about your product/service in a uniquely creative way is much more effective. Remember, the goal is to stand apart from your competitors, not blend in with them.

3. Understand the goals for your ad placement. If there was a magic formula for placing ads that would instantly have people lining up at your door, we would share that with you. You advertise to create awareness about your product/service so when your target audience is ready, your brand will be top of mind.

4. Effectively manage that marketing budget. While many companies would like to have a :30 second Superbowl ad, it’s just not cost effective. On a smaller scale if your budget only allows you to run 1 ad in a popular magazine, it probably isn’t the best way to spend those coveted marketing dollars. We want to work with you to get your message out via multiple channels so you don’t feel compelled to jam everything into one full page ad.

5. Have fun with advertising. Advertising is a great way to communicate your message in a creative format. Be open to new ideas and messages.

Take a look at some great examples below:

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