At Home Bridal Shower Made Simple

What do you do when your daughter asks you if she can host a bridal shower at your house? My first response was “really?”, then of course I said yes. She and a group of girlfriends all in their mid-twenties, you remember those days, don’t you? Enjoying life, living paycheck to paycheck, so needless to say they are very tight on cash. My daughter says to me “don’t worry Mom,  we will pay for everything.” As the time got closer I heard very little about it, I started to worry it would turn out being Honey BooBoo meets Tiffany’s. Which by the way is the bride’s name and the theme they were using. I mean Tiffany not Honey BooBoo!

My worries were all unfounded, they did an exceptionally creative job. A trip to the local party store yielded a beautifully set table, a simple white table cloth with Tiffany blue flower petals tossed on top, white roses in a vase tied in a blue ribbon, white tapers in crystal candlesticks tied with satin ribbons and dinner mints in packages sealed with a bow. There were party games, tiaras, sashes and the traditional hat made from bows, it was a fun atmosphere. The menu was easy, they are after all in their 20′s, so we decided to keep it light, they ordered from the local Italian deli. The food was delicious, it included a vegetable platter, dips and chips, focaccia sandwiches with grilled chicken, mozzarella and roasted peppers, an angel hair pasta salad and a green salad. Drinks were wine, iced tea and mimosas in pretty colored glasses. In lieu of a sheet cake, they opted for cupcakes with Tiffany blue icing on top and a refreshing fruit salad. I have to say, given their limited funds the day turned out beautifully. The bride-to-be was happy, the guests were happy, I  was relieved, uh I mean the hosts were relieved…it truly was simply beautiful.

bridal shower table   bridal shower centerpiece