5 Things to Help Bolster Your LinkedIn Presence

So many people underutilize LinkedIn, after they initially sign up, they make very little updates or manage at all, this is a big mistake. LinkedIn is a business tool that needs to be part of your everyday life.

There are a few things you can do immediately on LinkedIn that will help improve your profile, put you in contact with the right people to help grow your business and allow you to receive the right search engine attention.

Here are 5 tips:

1. Update your title:
It is important that you write a title that describes what you do and doesn’t simply state your job description, this not only helps inform other members of your skills but search engines can read this too.

2. Update your summary:
This is critical, many people view LinkedIn profiles and don’t get past the summary paragraph, so call out your main value propositions so they get noticed right away. Also, write out the names of key companies you have worked for or with, this also helps with credibility and search results.

3. Update your job descriptions and not just your current one:
Many times people scroll through your past work history to see if there are capabilities they are looking for that perhaps they didn’t see in your summary.

4. Join 50 groups:
LinkedIn allows you to join 50 groups so why not? But join those that will allow you to make an impact, those with maybe 100 or 200 members where you can comment on topics and be heard.

5. Focus on testimonials not endorsements:
Ask for testimonials after you write one for someone else, they will reciprocate nicely. And don’t worry about endorsements, the amount you have of each skill doesn’t get you a gold star in my book, written out testimonials provide so much more value.